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Carolina Style Pork Butt: Sweet Tasty Heat

Barbeque has many regional contrasts, with some folks favoring sweet, others tomatoes and spice, still others prefering spicy or a bit sour. Carolina ‘que is known for smoky-sweet goodness, with some of that vinegar-sour I mentioned, and often quite a bit of spicy zing.

Pork is favored in the Carolinas, although the sauces and “mops” vary […]

Friday Follies: Chile Powder Aids More Than Digestion

As always, the Chile Underground seeks to bring you new and novel uses for chiles and pepper products. And believe me, I think we’ve found a unique one…

The Times of India recently reported that a convicted murderer escaped the clutches of the Kotwali police using a technique one only finds in B-Movie plots: He tossed […]