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Cool Weather Zest: Green Chile Stew

Cool weather’s on its way, even to central Texas! Time to drag out the recipes for hearty soups, stews and chilis. Life’s too short for wimpy cold-weather fare!

Here’s a dish that mimics a chile verde a bit, but isn’t quite as time-intensive to make:

Green Chile Stew

This stew is plenty green, and if you use hot […]

Recipe Testing Update

With all the Hatch chiles available, I just had to try them with some of the recent recipes I’ve posted. You know, just checking to see that they still work as advertised…

I made Pepper Jelly over the weekend, and it turned out great. I made six jars of red, and six jars of green. Christmas […]

Monday Pepper Picker-Upper

Since it’s a Blue Monday, all we need are red and white peppers to complete the Trifecta. (Don’t get me started on Big Frown, and how he’s probably gonna cause me to be homeless. Anybody want some used Belmont bet stubs?)

To celebrate, I’m putting a couple new recipes up on the Recipes du Jour page. […]