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A Great Beef Ribs Recipe From Gourmet Holiday Edition

I know, it’s early for some of you to be thinking of the Holidays; bear with me…

Turkey is the standard for Thanksgiving, with ham a solid second place. But what if you want something different? Something with a little zing to it? Well, have we got a deal for you!

Actually, it’s Gourmet Magazine who has […]

Heat’em Up and Feel Young: The Fires of Youth Cocktail

Chiles are good in mixed drinks. There aren’t a lot of specific recipes, though. My recently-published World’s Quickest Bar Guide (for Kindle) has very few options, and believe me, I looked.

You can use pepper-flavored vegetable juice to add some heat, or you can use hot sauces like Sriracha to punch up your Bloody Mary. I […]

Thursday Fish: Ancho Chile Fish with Corn and Cream

Most times, I prefer simple recipes over complex. Less to go wrong, and if the ingredients are fresh there will be plenty of flavor. Sometimes, though, I like to pretend I’m a chef and try something a little bit showy or involved.

This recipe is more on the show side:

Ancho Chile Fish

That’s not to say it’s […]