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Hatch Chiles and Lime, a Great Combo for Jam

This entry is part of a series, Pepper Jelly Chronicles»

The Real Hatch Chile Festival isn’t until Labor Day, but we’re having ours here in central Texas right now (courtesy of H.E.B. Central Market). But then, you already know we’re ahead of our time here. Anyway, to get into the spirit of the thing […]

Fish 4 Friday: Grilled Swordfish With a Summery Salsa

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

Swordfish are big sea creatures, with males running up to 300 pounds and females up to four times that big. Trivia for the day: Swordfish are one of only a few cold-blooded creatures with a special ability to warm up part of their body! They […]

F4F Returns: Citrus and Lobster Salad

Walking through my favorite up-scale supermarket last week, I noticed that lobsters were reasonably priced (relatively speaking, of course). I got to wondering, what can you do with these things this time of year? (I’m not from Maine, I don’t even know anybody from there; I guess you’d say I’m lobster-challenged.)

Here’s an idea: Citrus […]