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Visiting the Taj Krishna Hotel and Resort, Hyderabad

I traveled Sunday from Bangalore to Hyderabad to continue my frantic search for fantastic curries consulting trip. The flight was short and uneventful, although the ride out to the new Bangalore International Airport was touch-and-go, and the trek from Hyderabad’s new Rajiv Ghandi Airport in to the city was also exciting (in the Chinese sense […]

A Day Full of Surprises in Southern India

The Karnataka State Police showed up in force at my hotel today, and they removed me from my room. Needless to say, this was a big surprise.

It all started at about four in the morning, with a simple note slipped under my door. I only know about the time because it was marked on the […]

Breakfast Buffet in Bengaluru

I made it fine into Bengaluru, although it was 2 AM before I got to the hotel and got settled. A few hours of refreshing sleep and I was ready to go!

Breakfast buffet is included in my room fee, and since it was dinnertime (according to my tummy) I was ready to try out a […]

Curry and Cheddar: A Great Snack Pairing

Indian food usually makes use of paneer, their “national cheese.” However, you may have difficulty finding paneer where you are.

Never fear! It turns out, curry and cheddar make a great pairing. Check this recipe out:

Curry Cheddar Bits

I make these for big parties, and I try lots of different curry-mayo variations. I haven’t found one yet […]

660 Curries: Biryani Curries and Side Dishes

One more post reviewing some recipes from the recent cookbook “660 Curries” and then I’ll quit. I promise. Really. I won’t even make you pay the ransom to get me to stop.

Once upon a time, invading hordes (Greek, Persian, Moghul, Mongol, Hun, Arab, Turk) came from many directions, over several centuries, looking for a really […]

One Last Curry (For Now)

After reading through Iyer’s “660 Curries” the last couple of weeks (and that’s just enough time to skim the bloody humongous book!), I got inspired to try my hand at a dish. I was mulling over how to make it novel or unique when my daughter (the inscrutable chefette Jessica) said, “Why not try a […]

660 Curries: Fish and Shrimp Curries

Time for another Just-Before-Friday fish story. This one is about two dishes, both curries featured in the cookbook “660 Curries.” (I promise; I’m about to run out of choices from this book. After that, you’ll have to pay me wads of cash for more curry dishes get your own copy of the book; something I […]

660 Curries: Chicken and Beef

Continuing our “discussion of great curry dishes, as presented by Raghavan Iyer in his monumental recent release “660 Curries,” I direct your attention to a pair of great entrĂ©es:

Chicken With Coconut and Tomatoes
Tamarind Beef
Kolhapuri Garam Masala

The chicken dish is a nice, red curry with mucho plenty zing (if you use the full dose of spices). […]