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A Quick and Tasty Chicken Dish for Dieting

Here’s the conundrum: I needed to make a filling, tasty, protein-laden dish that minimized carbs and calories. Something where even eating seconds wouldn’t blow out the calorie count for my wife’s weight-loss efforts. (Me, I’m the perfect size, of course. But I’m going along, just to support wifey.)

I didn’t want to spend a lot of […]

Diet Trends to Avoid (Especially the Last Two)

This is the time of year when way too many of us are thinking Diet. Unfortunately, too many of us are looking for a quick fix; the gym’s such a drag, and actually eating less is even worse.

Which means, some folks are trying things that are stupid, dangerous or both. Okay, the raw food diet […]

Dieting Texas Style, Part One

I know, I said “Never say diet.” Well, maybe I was a bit strong there. Given that most diets are destructive and don’t work, I stand by what I meant, mostly.

Still, if you must diet, why not do it the right way? The Texas way?

First off, understand that most changes in diet aimed at losing […]

Fat Fighting Foods for Forty-Somethings

Let’s face it, when you hit forty, forty hits back! Losing weight once you “approach maturity” is known to be tougher to do. So you need some help. (Okay, you young whippersnappers don’t need help. Yet. Just remember for later.)

A recent report in Prevention Magazine points out some foods that can help you hold the […]