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Singapore Sling Pepper Jelly! Now You Can Drink Your Toast…

This entry is part of a series, Pepper Jelly Chronicles»

I was running out of ideas for jellies. Yep, I was shocked too! I mean, there’s only so many batches of cherry habanero jelly you can put up in a season.

I decided my blood alcohol could use a boost. To kick off the positive thinking, […]

Adult Beverages for the Holidays

It’s about two weeks until Santie Claus comes sliding down your chimbley with all those lovely gifts. (Or lumps of coal; depends on you.) Between now and then I bet you’ll host a party or two. With adults. And I bet you’re worried about serving the same ol’ same ol’ in the way of […]

We're Off to the Texas Renaissance Festival Today

A major portion of the Clan is making its annual pilgrimage today to the Texas Renaissance Festival near Plantersville. It’s opening day, and rain is expected; we know it’ll be slippy-slidy crazy good fun! Period music (Cantiga, The Burly Minstrel Jim Hancock, Wine and Alchemy, Istanpitta, The Bilge Pumps, The Gypsy Guerrilla Band, Tartanic) […]