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Sneaking Around Dublin on the Bus

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

Yesterday’s long and satifying hours were followed by a short night of sleep in our castle. Paula Jo had big plans for us for our only full day in Dublin, so we had to get going early! Sadly, though, by the time we got dressed […]

Ireland, Day One: Clontarf, The Sights of Dublin, and Messrs. Maguire

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

We deplaned in a light drizzle at Dublin Inernational Airport, a bit tired and very excited. Clearing immigration in Dublin was a big hassle, though. They’re reworking a lot of the terminal, and space is cramped. We had to queue for almost an hour. Seems several […]

Brew Blues: Guinness in Brew-haha With Grain Growers

Brewed adult beverages pair nicely with zesty-hot foods. What better than an ale, porter or beer to soothe the tongue and palate before digging in again?

One of my favorites is Guinness porter. It’s also one of the oldest commercial brews available; next year they celebrate their 250th year at the St. James Gate Brewery in […]