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Tis the Season: Southern Sips and Tipple

There’s no drink like punch for the Holidays…

Actually, I’m already tired of the “standard” party punch. Even mulled or spiced wines don’t excite me much anymore. Yeah, they’re good. They’re just everywhere. And there’s still more than two weeks to Christmas…

So I dug around in my “other” cookbook and found these four recipes for you […]

F4F: Zesty Shrimp for a Party

Here in Texas, we like our shrimp. Large, fresh shrimp are available most of the year, and some of the best can be found during the Holidays party season.

Because I know you have a Big Party tomorrow, and you just don’t know quite what to fix (or take, if it’s a bring-in-a-dish event at a […]

Almost Thanksgiving: Get the Desserts Ready!

If you’ve been following along at home, you know by now that the recipes I’m sharing aren’t for a traditional Thanksgiving. There’s maybe 47 bajillion sites that have those ideas; even Google throws a hissie fit when you search for that.

Staying “in character,” then, here are a couple concepts for dessert:

Zesty Peach Purses
Chipotle […]

Before Thanksgiving: Brisket Replaces Turkey!

I’m a big fan of traditional meats at Thanksgiving. But possum and coon are getting scarce, even here in central Texas; dove and quail weren’t plentiful due to the drought; and my brother hasn’t been headlighting deer hunting enough to share. So I have moved to a more avant-guarddog kind of protein:

Spicy Brisket Bake

I […]

Before Thanksgiving: Improved Vegetable Recipes

This time of year, lots of luscious autumn vegetables are available. That’s one of the things that makes Thanksgiving such a feast! And if they’re cooked properly, even the kids will eat them without too much complaining.

Here are my choices for this year’s banquet table:

Truly Screaming Heads
Salami Carrots

Once upon a time, I found […]

Before Thanksgiving: Make Your Condiments Early!

You want to have a great Thanksgiving this year? Then make as much stuff as you can now! Include a couple of novel condiments for the table:

Cranberry Kumquat Chutney
Zesty Olive Tapenade

Don’t settle for the same, boring ol’ cranberry sauce this year! Make a fruit chutney instead. Your relatives will forgive you. […]

Before Thanksgiving: Appetizers for Football and Bribes

Thanksgiving‘s just around the corner, so to speak. Today’s the last day of the college football season for some teams, and that’s a more pressing issue for most of us. Almost no football left!

What to serve to the screaming hordes who are coming over to watch the game on your 112-inch flat-screen plasma TV? (You […]

A Thai Dinner Party at Home, Part VI: Bringing It All Together

You’ve gathered the utensils and spent time in the kitchen experimenting screaming and sucking your burned thumb to make all the wonderful Thai dishes you want to share. Time to eat!

Get some tea and coffee going, if you like to have them. The tea is consumed, hot or cold, with the meal. Thai coffee can […]