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Food BOM: We Are Never Full

Borrowed from “We Are Never Full” to Promote Their Site

Traveling is such a wonderful opportunity to eat well, and to taste and learn about world cuisines (and cultures). Finding a couple who enjoy doing just that is always a pleasure. If they can photo-document and write too, then we’re all in for a […]

Food BOM for November: The Uncornered Market

I like to travel, I love beautiful photography and excellent writing, and I simply must have good food (and information about same).

This month’s Food BOM winner meets all those elements. No, let me correct myself: The Uncornered Market exceeds all those needs. By a long ways!

The Uncornered Market has a novel premise. The site owners, […]

Food BOM: Pioneer Woman Cooking

Time for another great cooking site to be introduced to the Chile Underground visitors and friends! The October, 2008 Food BOM is (drum roll, please):

Pioneer Woman Cooks

This site isn’t anything like any other food site I’ve found. Clicking the link above sends you to the site, Pioneer Woman, to the cooking page. If […]

Food BOM for September: The Amateur Gourmet

Yes, it’s that time again! Time for the Food BOM to explode in a browser near you!

(in fact, it’s past time, officially, as it’s October here in India; but thanks to Einstein’s Relativity I can just make it under the wire in the USA!)

Okay, I know; thousands of you are wondering, why the name change? […]