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Thanksgiving Twist: Curry Fruit Salad

I’m cranking on the novels, and I reached a bit of a dead-end. Low blood sugar or something. Happens late in the day, when one has spent the whole day cooped up with felines and pushing keyboard keys. The low blood sugar thing got me to looking for some fruit, which got me to […]

Zesty Holidays: Queso Dipping Sauce

As I noted in an earlier post, everybody loves queso. This time of year, however, most people only eat queso as a dip for chips. I suggest you consider it for your Turkey Day feast, or at least for the football snacks you’ll need during the long weekend of gridiron clashes.

If you make the […]

I Now Have a Name for What I'm Attempting in November

All this fiction writing during November has left me wondering: What is it I’m doing, really? Besides living in a shack in the boonies with a neurotic Golden Retriever, three aliens in cat suits masquerading as Muses, (four, really; Geeter’s 24 lbs, and that’s really two cats in one fur coat) and a perfectly […]

The Secret of Ras el Hanout: There Is No Secret (Trust Me)

Morocco is an exotic place, a land of unique peoples, cultures and dishes. Their spices, and the way they use them, are part of the mystique. Anyone who has learned a bit about Moroccan food knows something of the spice blend called Ras el Hanout. However, what most folks don’t know (at least not […]

Surgery and NaNoWriMo Word Count Update

Just a quick update on the day’s progress. Mom came through her eye surgery in great shape. She’ll now have better eyesight than me! On the flip side, I got almost nothing done on the novel. Some Internet research, a couple small scene starters; not much else. The Scorecard:

Words Today, 4,010; Total Words, 107,930; Completion, […]

Tales of a Travelin' Man

I got started very early this morning, and was on a roll within minutes. Good thing too, because once PJ got going I never got back to the keyboard to produce more fiction. I’d already made my new quota, though (5,500+ words), so I wasn’t too worried. Paula Jo had a list at least […]

Mega Humpday: NaNoWriMo Reaches Halfway Point

Nothing much shaking today. I didn’t go to lunch with the Clan, and that saved me enough hours to get a reasonable tally for the day’s work. (I also got a delivery of takeout food, out of sympathy. Fried dill pickles, my favorite!) My numbers look good for the halfway point; I may even […]

How Do You Eat an Impossopotamus? One Bite at a Time...

Good News! Progress is so, well, progressive on the NaNoWriMo Challenge that I’m going to reset my personal goal for the month. I originally chose 125,000 words as an insane level of achievement a stretch goal. After days 1-3 of the month, when I had identically zero words on paper, I began to regret […]