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Man Does Not Live by Rice Alone: Cajun Focaccia

Sometimes you just want something a little different with your Cajun or Creole food. I mean, You Can’t Have Rice With Every Meal, can you? (Well, if you’re in Louisiana, maybe you can.) With that in mind, I offer this recipe from a great chef (and honorary Cajun), Emeril Lagasse:

Caramelized Onion Focaccia

I first saw […]

Tis the Season: Gruyere and Onion Fondue

Let’s say you’ve got an intimate little party planned, and then you find out (to your complete horror) that some of the guests don’t like zesty food! Now What?

Well, you could cancel the whole thing. But why be a Grinch? Or you could uninvite the troublesome guests and get some new ones. That’s good for […]

Rating the Recipes

I’ often asked, “How do you rate those recipes you post on the Chile Underground?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Of course, it’s an important trade secret, so I can’t tell you.

But in the interest of supporting the growing community of chileheads who look here first for something zesty to try out, I can give […]