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It’s That Time of Year Again: Texas RenFest Date Set…

After mind-altering, tough negotiations that lasted less than 30 seconds we now have set the date for our annual family outing to the Texas Renaissance Festival: We’re going on October 22. It’s a long day, starting before 5 A.M. and ending sometime short of midnight; at least it’s traditionally that. I do the driving […]

Is Grilling a Mystery to You? Then You Really Need to Read This Thriller

As many of you may know, I enjoy writing fiction. (No, I don’t include the posts hereabouts in that action. Well, mostly I don’t. Okay, okay; OFTEN I don’t. Satisfied?) My personal favorites include science fiction and action-adventure, but a good murder mystery is a joy to read. I don’t think I have the […]

A Wintry Time Was Had By All: The Texas Renaissance Festival

We made opening day (October 10) at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year. We hadn’t done that in a decade or more! We went prepared fore wet weather, as a cold front passed by during the night. We didn’t have any rain all day, though. There was quite a bit of water in the […]

We're Off to the Texas Renaissance Festival Today

A major portion of the Clan is making its annual pilgrimage today to the Texas Renaissance Festival near Plantersville. It’s opening day, and rain is expected; we know it’ll be slippy-slidy crazy good fun! Period music (Cantiga, The Burly Minstrel Jim Hancock, Wine and Alchemy, Istanpitta, The Bilge Pumps, The Gypsy Guerrilla Band, Tartanic) […]

Sláinte Mhath: Ireland Road Trip Coming Soon!

In a magical May in 2007, my lovely spouse traveled to Ireland to visit with me for a few days while I was toiling away “over there.” I was “stuck” there for a month, in the village of Adare, consulting my buns off for a multinational corporation. Tough work, when you can get it.

Anyways, […]

The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Learn

Borrowed From the Uncornered Market’s Banner

The Uncornered Market continues to amaze us here at the Underground. They talk food and capture their travels, but it’s a whole lot more than that.

They teach too. Philosophy, in fact. The practical kind. Useful.

If you haven’t visited them yet, please do so. Maybe you’ll find something to […]

Food BOM: We Are Never Full

Borrowed from “We Are Never Full” to Promote Their Site

Traveling is such a wonderful opportunity to eat well, and to taste and learn about world cuisines (and cultures). Finding a couple who enjoy doing just that is always a pleasure. If they can photo-document and write too, then we’re all in for a […]

Texas Renaissance Festival: Hot, Cool, Spicy

Yesterday the family and a select group of friends traveled to Plantersville, TX to visit the 34th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival. (That’s 35 years continuous running, every Fall!) This year the Festival runs every weekend from Oct. 11th through Nov. 30th. The RenFest is held in a large, private park about six miles south of […]