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The Usual Hot Dog Follies, With a Twist (It Has a Nice Ring to It)

It’s Fourth of July, and guess what? Nathan’s held a hot dog eating contest! Again! No, really; I’m not kidding…

Joey Chestnut, aka “Jaws,” put away the competition again too. He never looked like he was threatening to beat last year’s record of 69 dogs and buns (his own record, of course), but he was quick […]

Time to Wave the Flag!

We’re a young country that celebrates youth and vigor in strikingly patriotic fashion. If you’ve got the presence for it, then you can try some of these flags. Otherwise, leave these to the pros and get you a traditional flag and wave away…

Turn Up the (Red White and Blue Wiggles) Heat!

Taking a Short Break for the Nation’s Birthday

All the CU Elves will be away for a few days, enjoying beer, burgers and hot dogs, and plenty of fireworks our nation’s celebration of not being British. If you don’t hear from us, don’t worry, we’ll be back one day soon.

In the meantime, have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July. And remember all […]

Enjoy Your Fourth of July Safely!

To all Underground fans, we wish you a festive, tasty and safe Fourth of July. As you enjoy tasty food, good friends and spectacular fireworks, we ask only that you take a moment and reflect on how this great nation got to here, what it has taken in toil and blood to birth, grow […]

Pause While You're Having Fun and Remember...

Independence Day, 2010. Has a nice ring to it! Over 230 years of liberty, and (hopefully) many more to come. We don’t know what you have planned, but the Chile Underground isn’t doing a bit celebration this year. So much else going on in our lives that we’ll take a pause that refreshes. Oh, we […]

Hot Hot Hot Fourth!

Yessir, folks, it was hot… (How hot was it?)

The cows and goats were taking turns waterboarding each other.

The chickens were laying hard-boiled eggs.

We discovered that asphalt has a liquid state.

The trees were whistling for the dogs.

All the water spigots were giving boiling water.
We had to put sunscreen on the front porch.

We cooked our steaks […]

Get Ready for the Fourth of July!

Summer’s getting along, and it’s almost time to shoot off the fireworks! Only we’ve been so dry there’s a big fireworks ban on. No sparklers, no Roman Candles, no bottle rockets.

Instead, I’m going to cook up a bunch of spicy treats and zesty dishes and let the explosions and spectacular effects happen on the tongue.

Here’s […]