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Friday Follies: Weirdest Snacks, Dumb (and Hungry) Burglars, and Why Google is Like Bananas

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

A recent report on NewsMax describes the five weirdest snacks you can eat. Okay, I can see fried mayflies as odd; then again, some places eat all sorts of insects. (Just not in Texas, of course.) Eel soda sounds pretty disgusting too. Meat-flavored ice cream […]

Friday Follies: World's Strangest National Dishes

As Featured in travel.webshots.com (Amy Leung)

If you can identify the “National Dish” shown above, then you’re a better man than I am. Or at the very least, weirder.

It’s a material called milt. Not MILK. The polite name is shirako. Think caviar, only the male portion. Or for those of you from the […]

Friday Follies: Behold the Awesome Power of Zucchini

Ever wondered what to do with your bumper-crop of that nuisance fruit, the zucchini? Oh sure, some people actually eat the stuff. Bake it, fry it, steam it, pickle it, braise it, even grill it. (What a terrible waste of grill gas.) As near as I can tell, about the only thing the stuff […]

Friday Follies: Making a Clean Breast of a Drinking Problem

It’s amazing how the Internet can distract you these days. With my wife’s birthday only a couple weeks away, I began to search for the ideal gift. Before you know it, I’m looking at bar & wine tools. And what comes up on the first page of such a search? A Wine Rack, of […]

Friday Follies: What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Ate?

I don’t know what the fascination is with strange food. There are so many wonderful dishes I haven’t had yet (and in some cases, are not likely to ever get around to trying) that I don’t go out of my way to eat Strange Stuff. The allure must be strong, though; how else can […]

Friday Follies: Sandwiches in Cans (And We're Not Talking Beer)

All my life I’ve known what the term “canned sandwich” means. Beer. In cans. I even invented a monetary unit, called the COB, that made use of that item: The Case of Beer. Standardized on Old Milwaukee. My whole college career, my budget was calculated in COBs. You may laugh, but it surely kept […]

Friday Follies: A Sandwich Too Good to Eat (Safely)

Eat a sandwich, break your jaw.

That’s what one unfortunate diner, Chad Ettmueller by name, got when he attempted to eat his usual “Wicked” sandwich at his favorite Which Wich? outlet. Chad and family were celebrating his son’s second place in a talent show. Chad was especially hungry that evening, having (by his own admission) […]

Friday Follies: Bacon Wins Again! This Time, It’s Flavored Vodka…

From the “What Will They Think of Next?” desk here at the Chile Underground, a breakthrough pairing of food groups: Alcohol and Bacon. I mean, what with all the fusion cuisines out there, how did this one get overlooked for so long? Answer: It wasn’t. It just wasn’t publicized. More on that later.

Yes, the […]