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Google+ is Here! The Underground Is In; Are You?

Sometimes the IT (Insignificant Technology) Elves here at the Underground are completely asleep at the switch and behind the times may overlook an option or two for driving the CU to world domination promoting our efforts to convert the whole world to zesty food. For instance, no matter what threats and prodding I use […]

Google's New Recipe Search: How Much Better Is It Than Previous Searches?

I use Google Search a lot when doing recipe research. It’s my “go to” search engine, and I find it better (for me) than Yahoo!, Ask, or Bing, or meta search engines. Recipes aren’t really too taxing a search target, though, so most any fair algorithm should do.

There are also recipe-specific search sites, like […]

Friday Follies: Weirdest Snacks, Dumb (and Hungry) Burglars, and Why Google is Like Bananas

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

A recent report on NewsMax describes the five weirdest snacks you can eat. Okay, I can see fried mayflies as odd; then again, some places eat all sorts of insects. (Just not in Texas, of course.) Eel soda sounds pretty disgusting too. Meat-flavored ice cream […]