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The Summer of Grilling Continues: Hamburgers, Onions, Pineapple

The weekends were made for grilling, of course. Every Real Man knows that. Now that my package of replacement grill parts arrived Saturday morning, I’m set to produce some Industrial Strength cookout goodies! First, though, I

The denizens of the Ranch were working on fence a lot in the morning, so they didn’t feel like […]

Pause While You're Having Fun and Remember...

Independence Day, 2010. Has a nice ring to it! Over 230 years of liberty, and (hopefully) many more to come. We don’t know what you have planned, but the Chile Underground isn’t doing a bit celebration this year. So much else going on in our lives that we’ll take a pause that refreshes. Oh, we […]

Is Grilling a Mystery to You? Then You Really Need to Read This Thriller

As many of you may know, I enjoy writing fiction. (No, I don’t include the posts hereabouts in that action. Well, mostly I don’t. Okay, okay; OFTEN I don’t. Satisfied?) My personal favorites include science fiction and action-adventure, but a good murder mystery is a joy to read. I don’t think I have the […]

Hurricane Landfall Imminent! Take Cover (Out to Your Grill)

The hurricane’s almost here! Don’t shut down your grills on that account, though; just get a big ol’ hat and keep going. Texans don’t stop doing the Important Stuff just because some big blow’s in the area. (We’ve survived Obama pretty well so far, in fact. But I digress.) Besides, there are other uses […]

How to Grill the Ungrillable: Beef Burritos

There are many things that are naturals for the grill: Steaks, ribs, chops, hamburgers, chicken and more. You can toast your hamburger buns on the grate too. Some veggies and fruits go great when scorched too: Onions, pineapple, corn and peppers come to mind. Others may not be readily apparent, but they work: Sliced […]

Monday Blues Report: Hurricane Watching From Near the Grill

The weather reports this morning look fairly grim for the Texas-Mexico coast. Alex could be a major hurricane at landfall, which now appears most likely in northern Mexico near Brownsville sometime early Thursday. Given the area coverage of the rain from this cyclone, we should get Very Wet in the coming few days. In […]

Here Comes Alex! Better Get Some Grilling Done This Week...

Tropical Storm Alex, the first of the 2010 Atlantic season, is churning its way across the Yucatan Peninsula today. Everybody knows what that means, right? Yep, you got it in one: Time to Grill!

Texans need excuses to grill, you see. And impending wind and rain sounds like a good enough excuse to me! I’m […]

May is Barbeque and Grilling Month, so Fire'em Up!

It’s the month that all Real Men suffer through winter for; the month when we get to set fire to things AND play with our food at the same time! We get to explore our inner Cave Man while experimenting with flavors of all sorts: Sweet, tart, salty, vinegary, tongue-scorching and more.

Oh, we tell […]