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St Paddy’s Day: How Lucky ARE the Irish, Exactly?

Let’s see; they get to drink Guinness; they live in a land where, no matter which direction you point your camera you get a picture-postcard; they have Tullamore Dew, for heaven’s sake! Potatoes with every meal (and most snacks), great music in the pubs, and the prettiest redheaded Colleens anywhere on the planet. (With only […]

Tomorrow is Arthur’s Day; Be Sure to Hoist One…

Nobody really knows Arthur Guinness’ birthday. He was born in a time when records were sketchy, and to common folk who may not have had anyone who could write available. He still grew up to be a “mover and shaker” in Ireland, and then on the larger world stage, by turning a bequest of £100 […]

Why Paddy's Not Going to Heaven

Yes, today’s the most important day in the Irish calendar. Rather than post Yet More Irish Recipes, we here at the Underground thought we’d share some pictures from our last trip to Ireland, and also a bit of their humor:

Father O’Toole storms angrily into a pub in Limerick. As far as the eye can […]

Friday Follies: Fried Beer, the New Breakfast of Champions

What’s better than deep-fried Twinkies? Deep-fried butter. What’s better than fried butter? Deep-fried beer. And what’s better than fried beer? Deep-fried Guinness, of course!

The Texas State Fair has a contest each year to determine the best new fried food. (Can we really say “best” and “fried food” in one sentence? Especially when we’re talking […]

Home Again, Resting and Remembering

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

Today was very hard. Just getting out of bed, after yesterday’s mad dash (and six extra hours due to time-zone relocations), was Very Hard. Realizing we’re not in Ireland anymore, well, that was the Hardest of All…

It was fun, though. Grand, glorious fun! All the […]

Lazy, Rainy Sunday in Limerick

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

This morning dawned gray and damp, which means it was later than normal before the birds began chirping outside our window. In fact it was nearly 4 A.M. before the serenade began! I guess they stayed in the pub too late or something, and just […]

Adare in the Mist, and a Well-Deserved Day Off

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

You know you’re going at it too hard when you have to take a day off from your vacation to rest up. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to spend another fourteen hour day overloading our brains with more lovely memories of Ireland! We needed to […]

Not Much Happening, Yet

Not much happening at the moment. I’m stuck “down south” for the weekend, but I’m reading everything I can about Ireland and their food. I’ve got a couple of nice tour guidebooks and I’m using up all my tape flags marking stuff to see. At the moment I think I’ve marked enough items to […]