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Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Kick

Butter. Chocolate. Chiles. A new food trinity! It’s found in spicy chocolate chip cookies (among other great dishes). Add the other basic ingredients and you can make all kinds of cookies: Chewy or crisp; thick or thin; bite-sized or humongous. A special treat in any case!

We’re also coming into Hatch chile season. Mild or hot, […]

Recipe Testing Update

With all the Hatch chiles available, I just had to try them with some of the recent recipes I’ve posted. You know, just checking to see that they still work as advertised…

I made Pepper Jelly over the weekend, and it turned out great. I made six jars of red, and six jars of green. Christmas […]

Home to New Mexico

No, I’m not going to New Mexico. However, a good friend of mine will be retiring there next summer, and this summer he’s out there in the fresh mountain air, working on his retirement home. We talk all the time about good food and the fun we have cooking and trying out new dishes. He […]