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National Napping Day; My Favorite! Get the Snacks Out…

Today’s a very special occasion, one that should be added to the holiday list nation-wide. National Napping Day. Just the sound of it has me smiling. And maybe slowing down towards dozing…

It’s amazing how a simple one-hour shift of the clock can cause so much disruption. I travel globally, and I almost never have […]

In-Laws on Trip; Calves Nervous About New Caretakers

When the boss is away the cows will play. At least that’s the way I heard it. Who’s the boss, exactly? My mother-in-law. She’s on a train trip to Cleveland (I don’t know why they couldn’t pick a more exotic locale), and she made the mistake of leaving us put my wife in charge […]

Pause While You're Having Fun and Remember...

Independence Day, 2010. Has a nice ring to it! Over 230 years of liberty, and (hopefully) many more to come. We don’t know what you have planned, but the Chile Underground isn’t doing a bit celebration this year. So much else going on in our lives that we’ll take a pause that refreshes. Oh, we […]

El Dia de los Muertos, and I'm Feeling It

Halloween was a beautiful evening here, cool and crisp and promising a wonderful fall season ahead. The kiddies were out in all sorts of costumes, although we had reduced traffic in our neighborhood. We didn’t see any truckloads of “imports” like we often do, for one thing. After running out of candy the last […]

Hot Hot Hot Fourth!

Yessir, folks, it was hot… (How hot was it?)

The cows and goats were taking turns waterboarding each other.

The chickens were laying hard-boiled eggs.

We discovered that asphalt has a liquid state.

The trees were whistling for the dogs.

All the water spigots were giving boiling water.
We had to put sunscreen on the front porch.

We cooked our steaks […]