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Gifts for the Beer Lover

Now here’s some Holiday ideas a Real Man can use! CNN’s Eatocracy recently posted a note about new gift guide. Kevin Diedrich is the bar manager at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen in San Francisco. He offers five good options in the list:

Give the gift that gives all year: Sign them up for a […]

Please Bear With Me; Site Rebuilds Under Way…

No, not the Chile Underground; why mess with perfection? However, in December I usually work hard on two things: Editing the document I built during November’s NaNoWriMo challenge, and refurbishing, reworking and relaunching some of my other websites. In this case, that includes launching a new one; The Accidental Novelist. So I’ll be posting […]

Feast Meets West: What’re Your Christmas Meal Favorites?

It’s never to early to plan for Christmas dinner, in my opinion. (Well, as long as it’s already December, I mean.) Having just waded through massive piles of great provender a few days ago, it may be hard for some of you to set your sights on the next Big Meal. Well, we here […]

Time to Move to the Ranch and Prepare to Feast

Fun at the White House (Boerne Branch) is over and done. We’re packing so we can move along to the Ranch, where the whole Christenson Clan is expected to show this year for the Big Feast.

How many will there be? Well, lessee; Four plus four, plus another three (and a half!); carry the one… […]

One Week to Go; You Ready for the Invasion of the Turkeys?

No, I’m not talking about your in-laws, although you may be spending some time with them soon. (I certainly will. And that’s a Good Thing.) We’re now less than 170 hours until the annual contest to see who can get their tryptophan coma on first. Of course, if excess dressing, gravy, mashed and sweet […]

Enjoy Your Fourth of July Safely!

To all Underground fans, we wish you a festive, tasty and safe Fourth of July. As you enjoy tasty food, good friends and spectacular fireworks, we ask only that you take a moment and reflect on how this great nation got to here, what it has taken in toil and blood to birth, grow […]

Time to Celebrate! CU Joins 700 Club (the Real One)

That’s right, folks, it’s time to go out and tie one on like an out-of-control Lindsay Lohan celebrate once again! The Chile Underground has passed Yet Another Milestone in its ongoing quest to provide you with the best in zesty comestibles, great travel ideas, and tasteless spicy food humor. We achieved 700 posts as […]

Hope You Have a Safe and Enjoyable Labor Day

Not much happening here at the Chile Underground World Headquarters in Exile. (No, the house ain’t selling worth a dang.) We went food shopping in Lavernia, which is about the most exciting thing you can do in Lavernia on Labor Day. And we really needed that level of excitement, after the startup weeks at […]