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Happy Mother’s Day! Some Lighter Fare for You

Dateline, Lebanon: The Israeli-Lebanese War took another nasty turn yesterday, with an escalation of more than double the previous situation. No, I don’t mean the usual war, with ordinance flying around in large, energetic chunks. This is much more troubling, as it involves food. A group of over 300 Lebanese chefs converted eight tons […]

Friday Follies: Avoiding the Leftover Hotdog Blues

I was cruisin’ around Slashfood yesterday and saw this post. Man, there’s some good eats on that grill! The poor slob grill master working those lovelies was in a hot dog cookoff, and he didn’t win. My first thought was, how could you NOT win with bacon? Seemed like a complete miscarriage of justice […]

Hellishly Good Hot Dogs

Enough with the fancy food already! Let’s talk hot dogs, that versatile (and some could argue, singularly American) toob steak we all love…

Oh yes, we do take our dogs seriously. Where else can you find competitive eating events like Nathan’s on Fourth of July? (We’re big-hearted about this, though; we even let Japanese competitors try.) […]