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Hermine's Gift of Rain a Bit Too Much in Some Places

Hurricane Hermine came ashore on the Mexican coast overnight, just south of Brownsville. Okay, maybe she was only a very strong Tropical Storm. She still packed a noticeable punch. Quite a bit of damage in extreme northeast Mexico. Then she turned her wrath on deep south Texas, traveling slowly to the north and raining […]

Hurricane Landfall Imminent! Take Cover (Out to Your Grill)

The hurricane’s almost here! Don’t shut down your grills on that account, though; just get a big ol’ hat and keep going. Texans don’t stop doing the Important Stuff just because some big blow’s in the area. (We’ve survived Obama pretty well so far, in fact. But I digress.) Besides, there are other uses […]

Here Comes Alex! Better Get Some Grilling Done This Week...

Tropical Storm Alex, the first of the 2010 Atlantic season, is churning its way across the Yucatan Peninsula today. Everybody knows what that means, right? Yep, you got it in one: Time to Grill!

Texans need excuses to grill, you see. And impending wind and rain sounds like a good enough excuse to me! I’m […]

Here’s a Neat Hurricane Season Tool

With the Atlantic hurricane season well under way, most of us will begin to check regularly for any activity along the East Coast or in the Gulf of Mexico. Next month we’ll begin to look further east, out near Africa, for any suspicious blobs on the satellite pics. And don’t let the slow start […]