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Port Outbound, Starboard Home: Goodbye, India (For Now)

Home beckons, and my bags are packed. I’ll miss India, this land of mystery, so full of contrasts and surprises. Immense cultural wealth in such crushing poverty. An overriding drive to be better, with so many barriers to improvement. So many spices and flavors in their food, and so little food to share.

Good thing I […]

A Visit to Old-Town Hyderabad, Part II

On the way to Charminar we passed through some arches, as shown above. These are the same age as the monument itself, and used to denote the beginning of the open space around the memorial. Now that space is filled (and I do mean filled ) with the sights, sounds, aromas and crowds of the […]

A Visit to Old-Town Hyderabad, Part I

Saturday was shopping day. A friend offered to chaperone me into the Old Town section of Hyderabad and show me the sights. He dropped by my hotel about noon with his driver in tow, and we were off.

I had heard many things about the great Hyderabadi monument, Charminar. I asked if we could see that, […]

Australia Invades India! Hotel Overrun!

I arrived back at my hotel after a grueling day at my client’s site, hoping for a light snack, a quiet bit of reading and early to bed .

I suspected I wouldn’t get my wishes when we tried to pull into the driveway. There were khaki-clad AP State Police everywhere. Our car was minutely scrutinized, […]

A Day at the Hyderabadi Races

Some days, you should stay in bed. But if you find yourself in Hyderabad, then by all means get out and enjoy the excitement! The wind in your hair, the sounds and sights and smells of the City of Pearls.

If you’re the adventurous type, you might find a sled like the one shown above. Trust […]

Visiting the Taj Krishna Hotel and Resort, Hyderabad

I traveled Sunday from Bangalore to Hyderabad to continue my frantic search for fantastic curries consulting trip. The flight was short and uneventful, although the ride out to the new Bangalore International Airport was touch-and-go, and the trek from Hyderabad’s new Rajiv Ghandi Airport in to the city was also exciting (in the Chinese sense […]

Friday Follies: In the Moooo’d for Cows

Dateline: Bengaluru, India

No, it’s not an optical illusion. That really IS a cow strolling down the median of the Ring Road in Bengaluru. An everyday occurrence, actually.

Cows are the only thing on the road that has absolute right-of-way in India. And somehow they know it.

Clara here doesn’t qualify as fast food, although she’s hoofin’ right […]

Thai Curry at Angels 350

The Chile Underground’s Grand India Tour and Month-Long Snarf-Fest Curry Expedition got off to a prosaic, even mudane start, with a short hop from Austin to Dallas. With winds from the north at both airports (Thank You Gustav!), the pilot barely had to maneuver at all; up and down, 31 minutes and done. Shoot, I […]