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Here’s to a Safe Labor Day (and Fewer Fires)

From all the Elves here at the Chile Underground, we wish you a safe and enjoyable Labor Day holiday. We know that not everybody’s getting to enjoy their day, or even be safe, thanks to all the fires here in central Texas. (A good friend lost a house to the Bastrop fire. We’re thinking of […]

Hope You Have a Safe and Enjoyable Labor Day

Not much happening here at the Chile Underground World Headquarters in Exile. (No, the house ain’t selling worth a dang.) We went food shopping in Lavernia, which is about the most exciting thing you can do in Lavernia on Labor Day. And we really needed that level of excitement, after the startup weeks at […]

In-Laws on Trip; Calves Nervous About New Caretakers

When the boss is away the cows will play. At least that’s the way I heard it. Who’s the boss, exactly? My mother-in-law. She’s on a train trip to Cleveland (I don’t know why they couldn’t pick a more exotic locale), and she made the mistake of leaving us put my wife in charge […]

Italian for Labor Day? Well, Why Not?

Okay, so it sounds odd. Labor Day, the unofficial end to summer here in the States, is often a mad paroxysm of travel, camping, beach and water fun, football games (college and high school this year; the NFL took a break) and cookouts. Here in Texas, it’s often just an excuse for another long […]