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Happy Birthday, Mom; the Party was Lovely

It’s not every day that your mom celebrates 80 years. So we all got together & chipped in, cash and effort, to hold a reception for mom’s celebration. Oh, nothing too elaborate; she’s not that kind. A reception at a hall in the village, a few hours of chatting, sharing and eating. (Lots of […]

It’s Late, I’m Tired, and Tomorrow Will Be a Long, Long Day…

It was a long day today. I got the yellow pepper jelly made, and the Lemony Snicket, er, Lemony Hot Jam too. To top that off, I made a very special Hatch chile jelly, to celebrate the Hatch Chile Festival. (This weekend was the last one this year, locally.) I’ll be submitting the recipe, […]

Lazy Sunday at the Ranch

When it’s this hot, we don’t get out and move around a lot. Oh, we grilled sausage for lunch (it was very good). I say “we” because it’s polite. However, it’s also a Royal “We.” I stayed inside and made sure the margarita machine ran on schedule. (It’s particularly tough duty, that; but we […]

No Fish 4 Friday Today; Sorry!

What with fighting the shoulder rehab (Mas Oucho!) and website issues, I won’t be able to get any F4F up today. Maybe I’ll find the energy to double up next week. In the meantime, consider trying one of these tasty-looking grilled fish dishes. That way you can get back into summer grilling form while […]

Miralax and Powerade Do Not a Dinner Make

I’m hungry.

Two days ago I had to give up snacks. Oh, I ate well for meals, since I could have steak and such. But no high-fiber anything. Yesterday things went downhill a bit more. And today, nothing but water. All Day Long.

Until this evening, when things took a major turn for the worse. A […]

Happiness is Influenza in Your Rear View Mirror

Although I can’t claim to be 100% yet (and wifeyperson says that’s a good thing, in some respects), I’ve clearly recovered from the ‘flu bug. It’s not something I recommend everybody experience, but it sure feels good to be over it and back!

So good, in fact, that I’m cooking again. Stacked enchiladas already this […]

Really Bad News Wednesday: Owners of Local Restaurant Found Dead

The Chile Underground recently posted a review on a local restaurant that has drawn acclaim for its outstanding Cajun and Creole food: Mama Roux. It is with great personal sadness that we report today the deaths of the owners, Yoli and Michael Amr. The couple were found dead in their home early this morning after […]

It's Not Food Poisoning If You Ate What She Ate

Brought low by a microscopic brute. Humbling; not that I need that much humility in my life. At first I thought maybe it was food poisoning, but there were no candidates. Or maybe just a simple stomach bug, one that comes and goes quickly.

Not this one. Oh no.

THIS unwelcome harbinger of doom pesky microscopic […]