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Quick Gourmet Lunches: Bailey's Sandwiches & Subs in Seguin

There’s a new Sheriff in town, here in Seguin. A sandwich sheriff, I mean. And his name is Bailey…

I recently wrote a review of my experiences with Amy’s and Cathy’s, down on the square just west of the courthouse here in Guadalupe County. I still like that place, and go there for a takeout […]

High's Restaurant: The Perfect Lunch Opportunity When You're Touring the Guadalupe Wine Trail

I know, Texas Wine Month is over. Gone. Kaputski. Defunct, expired, moribund. Dead, dead, dead. But that doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying wine! Or for that matter, that we should stop talking about it entirely until next October.

While Paula Jo and I were out drinking our way across the countryside foraging through the […]

Beauty and Taste: Comfort Cellar and Singing Water Vineyards in Comfort, Texas

After leaving the peace and quiet of the tiny village of Sisterdale, we struck out cross-country to the Big City. Comfort, Texas, that is. It’s the second-biggest metropolis in all of Kendall County, right after Boerne. Last census showed nearly 2,400 folks live there, and rumor has it that it’s grown a tad bit […]

It’s a Bacon Celebration

A recent post on another Underground (which shall remain nameless) has referred to a bacon-wrapped hotdog (in a maple bar, no less) as Yet Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse. Which got me to thinking; if this is the end of the world (and who says it isn’t?), then maybe we should celebrate the ever-popular, […]

Working Hard for You: Buffet Grazing in Hyderabad

There are so many good things to eat in India that I’m glad my hotel serves several buffets each day. It doesn’t matter to me that they feel obliged to serve Western and Far Eastern style dishes to accommodate the range of their visitors. I wave hi as I go by the maitre d’hotel (who […]

Monday Morning Quickie: Curried Avocado Aioli

Tired of the same ol’ sandwich spread? Try this stuff:

Curried Avocado Aioli

I tried this (again) recently on simple sandwiches for lunch. Man, did it zest things up nicely! Not too hot for me; but if you find it a bit too zesty, use less red curry or Garam Masala powder. Starve the condiment too much […]