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Marathon's Over, More Recipes on the Site

This entry is part of a series, RdJ»

Tax Day is behind us, so the Recipe du Jour Marathon is officially over. I didn’t get the 30 or so posts up I was aiming for. I guess I’m too easily distracted, what with the garden, an MRI on my shoulder, and stuff like that […]

Now for Something Entirely Different: Forfar Bridies

This entry is part of a series, RdJ Marathon»

Ah, those lovable Scots. Men in skirts; tossing telephone poles for sport; playing pool in the pasture. Bagpipes for music (such as it is). They have the shortest scheduled airline flight in the world, at 1 minute 36 seconds (and 1.7 miles). Their kings used […]

Welfare Soup, Good for You AND Your Budget

This entry is part of a series, RdJ Marathon»

Many of us have changed our lifestyles in the continuing travails of the economic downturn. I know, the government says we’re recovering. Unemployment’s still high too. Oh, we’re buying more specialty foods, which is a good sign.

Some of us can’t afford those specialty foods, though. […]

Fish 4 Friday: Creole Tilapia, Easy Peasy Dinner

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011» , RdJ Marathon»

Tilapia comes from an African tribe’s word for fish. Simple, eh? Tilapia are warm-water fish, with a white, almost fat-free flesh that flakes nicely when baked. According to Wikipedia, tilapia are the 5th most important fish in aquaculture, behind species like salmon, […]

Is That Alligator? Sloppy Joes, Cajun Style

This entry is part of a series, RdJ Marathon»

Invented in America, the Sloppy Joe has become a staple from pubs to school cafeterias. It’s a classic quick-fix food, and depending on the care exercised, can be anywhere from hearty and satisfying to drecklich.

What’s interesting, though, is the way this sandwich has spread across […]

Can You Spell Avgolemono? A Spicy Greek Soup…

This entry is part of a series, RdJ Marathon»

Greek food isn’t a popular cuisine in most of America. Oh, it’s got its fans, and they’re unwavering in singing praises for dishes from Greece and the Aegean area. Still, in many locations it’s very hard to find any Greek food, let alone stuff that’s […]

Blackberry Grunt, the Dessert That Talks to You

This entry is part of a series, RdJ Marathon»

Some desserts are as much fun to make as to eat. This is one of them:

Blackberry Grunt

According to Alton Brown, this old-timey dish got its name because of the noise the mixture makes as it cooks. Steam builds up in pockets in the dough, and […]

A Creamy Cheese Soup That's Good for You

This entry is part of a series, RdJ Marathon»

Until I got to graduate school, I detested broccoli. In any form. It was often bitter, and usually overcooked. Even butter or cheese sauce couldn’t hide the taste or the texture.

Why the change at grad school? Well, I could have my own garden. In fact, […]