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Monday Pepper Picker-Upper

Since it’s a Blue Monday, all we need are red and white peppers to complete the Trifecta. (Don’t get me started on Big Frown, and how he’s probably gonna cause me to be homeless. Anybody want some used Belmont bet stubs?)

To celebrate, I’m putting a couple new recipes up on the Recipes du Jour page. […]

Rating the Recipes

I’ often asked, “How do you rate those recipes you post on the Chile Underground?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Of course, it’s an important trade secret, so I can’t tell you.

But in the interest of supporting the growing community of chileheads who look here first for something zesty to try out, I can give […]

Flank and Skirt Steak With a Zing

When I’m not at home (like now), I miss being able to go into my kitchen and make a meal for my family and friends. When I cook a meal to entertain in the summer, I especially like to make fajitas.

Nowadays, everybody in America knows what fajitas are. But twenty-five years ago or so the […]

The Big Nut

I’ve been spending time in the Home of the World’s Largest Pecan: Seguin,Texas. I had meetings with faculty at Texas Lutheran University, where I will take a short sabbatical in the spring. I went to school there, more years ago than I care to mention in public, and the school has […]