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Too Tired to Cook, or Will These Boxes Never End?

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The house didn’t sell, Paula Jo got a new job nearby, and my job down south ended. Those three “strikes” indicated to us that maybe we didn’t need to move anywhere. There was just one teensy, tiny problem, hardly worth mentioning:

All our stuff was already moved. […]

I Hope Your Memorial Weekend is Going Swell...

The answers to your questions are, in order: Yes; No; Maybe. Yes, we’re making progress on getting the house ready. No, we’re not done. (Not even close.) Maybe we’ll make our deadline. (Maybe not.) PJ’s thinking about installing wood flooring in my previous office, where the carpet took fourteen year’s worth of abuse. Oh […]

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

Some of you may have wondered where the fine elves who run the Chile Underground may have gotten off to. A few of you (Hi, Mom!) might even be worried. (As for the bill collectors, well; a little angst in their life is good, as far as I’m concerned.) No, we haven’t disappeared. Not […]