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Time to Get the New Year Rolling!

I know, two weeks into the year is a bit late to announce the kickoff of another great year. Well, I’m lucky to be only two weeks late! What a start…

The Holidays were pleasant, though a bit frantic at times. Not quite a “staycation,” going to various homes of clan members. A quick trip to […]

Happy New Year! Let’s Make 2013 Special…

Here’s a great way to start the New Year: Visiting relatives-to-be and messing up their kitchen before going home…

We trekked off to Florida over the weekend, to be with Kai’s family in sunny Florida. We arrived on Sunday, then picked Jess and Kai up in Tampa the next afternoon. No sooner had we gotten over […]

New Year’s Eve: Let’s Party!

It’s almost time! Time to ring out the old and ring in the new. To Drop the Ball. (Not THAT ball, the one in Time’s Square, silly.) To party like there’s a great tomorrow ahead.

Here at Clan Central we’ll not be doing any heavy-duty partying; more like dominoes and punch until it’s really late. Say […]

Recipe du Jour II: New Year's Posole, a Family Tradition (If a Bit Late)

This entry is part of a series, RdJ»

You remember that game where you say a word or phrase, and your friend says the first thing that pops into her head? Well, I bet if you try this with “hominy” here in Texas, the automatic response is likely “grits.” (Not a bad choice.) If […]

Happy New Year 2010!

Yes, folks, you’ve made it to a New Year. A new decade, in fact! The Teens. And here you thought you’d never get that experience again. Being a Teenager, I mean. Well, don’t worry; just lie down and the feeling will pass with limited ill effects, I’m sure.

Isn’t it odd how we humans celebrate […]

Get Ready for 2009: Thoughts About Food, Exercise and Happiness for January

Time to break open a New Year and get to the juicy center. Regardless of how bad things are, they’re not so bad generally that you can’t think about improving your life. Like maybe your health. I’m not going to preach at you about New Year’s resolutions and such. No, I’m going to yell at […]

New Year’s Eve: Party, Party, Party!

Partying at the White House isn’t as exciting as other places. We had a bodacious dominoes game, some folks were playing Magic: The Gathering on the side, and a few of us were trying out Flight Simulator X. (We re-learned the old saying about flying: “If, after you land, you need full power to taxi […]