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A Quick and Tasty Chicken Dish for Dieting

Here’s the conundrum: I needed to make a filling, tasty, protein-laden dish that minimized carbs and calories. Something where even eating seconds wouldn’t blow out the calorie count for my wife’s weight-loss efforts. (Me, I’m the perfect size, of course. But I’m going along, just to support wifey.)

I didn’t want to spend a lot of […]

I Bet You Never Said, “Oh Boy, Soy!” That Could Change…

No, this isn’t “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Soy (But Were Afraid to Eat).” There are some things about soy you should know, though, even if you always avoid it. (Or think you do.) We’re not simply talking nutrition, either.

What sort of foods use soy from the soybean? There’s the ever-popular tofu, of […]

Slow Cookers for Pets, and The Blob Strikes Again

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»

There are times I simply have to shake my head and say, “Only in a free America.” Today’s Follies examines two items that indicate crossing trends. At the moment, these trends strongly indicate we’re taking better care of our pets’ nutrition than we are our children’s. […]

Best and Worst Appetizers: How Do You Pick?

I pick spicy whenever I can, of course. These days, everybody’s into the low-calorie, high-fiber, hardly-any-taste-at-all sort of things that aren’t really designed to pump up my appetite. And isn’t that what an appetizer is supposed to do? Okay, I agree, maybe they shouldn’t be so filling that they displace the meal; although sometimes wifey […]

Best (and Worst) Foods for Digestion

An article by Health.com’s Amanda Gardner points out some of the reasons that those of us who are “approaching maturity” may have tummy troubles. Things like too much fried food and too little exercise. Not that the denizens of the Underground have those issues; no, that’s purely theoretical. Interesting, but not germane.

Then she goes on […]

Cooking With Wine: One of My Favorites…

One of the simplest ways to add flavor to a dish is to use wine. While not every food benefits, there are many items you cook that can see their flavor enhanced with a bit of the “fruit of the vine.” It’s low-fat, gluten free, and high flavor.

Some recipes call specifically for wine, in detail: […]

Diet Trends to Avoid (Especially the Last Two)

This is the time of year when way too many of us are thinking Diet. Unfortunately, too many of us are looking for a quick fix; the gym’s such a drag, and actually eating less is even worse.

Which means, some folks are trying things that are stupid, dangerous or both. Okay, the raw food diet […]

Making the Great Sandwich Even Better

“Hey, let’s go grab a sandwich” is a simple way to gather up some friends and break for lunch. Americans probably consume more sandwiches per person than any other country. We’re the fast-food nation, after all, and a large proportion of fast foods are sandwiches of some sort. If you toss in things like tacos […]