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Month of Eating Dangerously: Curried Stuffed Potatoes

Okay, I didn’t want to start out too boldly here. I’m kind of a “rush into things slowly” sort of guy at times. So I chose an easy recipe; one you can hit over the fence on the first swing, with your eyes closed. And it’s not that spicy, unless you want to make […]

Tis the Season: Southern Sips and Tipple

There’s no drink like punch for the Holidays…

Actually, I’m already tired of the “standard” party punch. Even mulled or spiced wines don’t excite me much anymore. Yeah, they’re good. They’re just everywhere. And there’s still more than two weeks to Christmas…

So I dug around in my “other” cookbook and found these four recipes for you […]

Tis the Season: A Little Something Different For Your Party

This time of year, parties seem to all run together and you can’t remember which one was when or where. Don’t let your party suffer this fate! The Elven Appetizers Team (EAT) at the Underground is here for you! They’ve pulled some great ideas out of the Way Back Stack in the basement. Without further […]

F4F: Zesty Shrimp for a Party

Here in Texas, we like our shrimp. Large, fresh shrimp are available most of the year, and some of the best can be found during the Holidays party season.

Because I know you have a Big Party tomorrow, and you just don’t know quite what to fix (or take, if it’s a bring-in-a-dish event at a […]