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Garden Recovery Plan Complete; Rebuild Under Way…

Man, I hate it when that happens. A late freeze, I mean. I’d already declared Winter dead and Spring sproinged back in mid-March when the temperatures reached about 90 hereabouts. That’s hot enough, right? Now way could it freeze again after that.

Dang Global Warming stuff.

I had 30+ tomato plants out, a large area of radishes, […]

Stuffing Cubanelles for Flavor and Profit

My one, solitary cubanelle plant in the garden has been a strong producer all season. The first batch of peppers I got from the plant amounted to only six, but they were large, firm and tasty. The next cycle produced over three dozen medium-sized chiles, some of which I purposely let ripen on the plant. […]

Fall is the Best Time for Growing Peppers in Texas

The distressing heat of summer has passed us by here in Central Texas. This morning it was 48° F in the yard, with a heavy dew. Boy, was that refreshing on my bare toes! Even had the cat walking on stilts.

Gardens hereabouts suffer in the dead of summer, but they refresh nicely in September and […]

Never Say Die(t): Pasta and Peppers to Help You Lose Weight

Most folks complain about the stress and chaos of the Holiday Season. Still more, however, express real fear about the aftermath of the feasting and snacking.

And then there’s that four-letter word that strikes real fear in the hearts of men and women across America: DIET.

So don’t say it. Don’t even think it! Eat smart instead.

Eat […]