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Pickled Cherries and Pork Fajitas

Nigel Slater recently posted an interesting recipe in the Guardian’s food & drink section. The interesting ingredient is quick-pickled cherries. Not pickles like you might think; this stuff is divine! With cherry season in full swing, it’s time you gave them a try.

I chose to do something a bit different. (I know, you can’t hardly […]

Simple Pickled Jalapeños: Lovely Summer Heat All Year ‘Round

While summer is in full swing there are plenty of fresh chile peppers available. My garden is keeping me swamped to the gills well supplied with jalapeños, serranos, cayennes, and habaneros. Even the types where I have only one bush, which include cubanelle, hot banana and cherry bomb chiles, are yielding plenty of goodies, and […]

Coral Snake Peppers (They Bite)

A long, hot growing season means the garden produces a plethora of peppers. (Maybe even two plethoras.) It’s a tasty embarrassment of riches, it is. For example, I have eleven cayenne pepper plants. Yep, I overdid it at the Home Depot Garden Center. I tried to get four Golden Cayennes, but apparently the supplier got […]

Cowboy Candy, Ideal for Nachos (and Pretty Much Everything Else)

Sliced jalapeños that have been pickled are a staple for many snacks and meals. While many think “Mexican food” when they consider pickled jalapeños, Americans likely consume tons more of the tasty preserves than any other country. Go to a ball game, or the movies; the nachos stand is always popular! And what bowl of […]

Nothing Says Love Quite Like Home-Canned Giardiniera

PJ and I enjoy nachos. We have our own versions, and one of them is to simply take corn chips and grated cheese, broil the cheese down onto the chips, then top with chopped giardiniera. (I often include some candied jalapeño slices, just for kicks.) Store-bought giardiniera is good, and we’ve found some varieties that […]

Zesty Pickled Carrots, Tex-Mex Style

This time of year, a young man’s fancy turns to the important stuff. Like love. And pickles…

One pickle that I enjoy is one that you sometimes find in Tex-Mex restaurants: zesty pickled carrots. Oh, it’s not just carrots, but that’s the main ingredient. There are hot chiles in there, of course, and some slivered onions. […]

Dill Pickles: They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Today is National Pickle Day! Have you hugged a juicy dill pickle yet? Well, it’s about time…

Okay, not just dills, although those are my favorite. (I was weaned on a dill pickle.) If you’re a gherkin jerker, then get the jar out! Giardiniera is pickled too; don’t forget that!

Maybe you don’t care for pickles […]

The Strangest Use for Sriracha (So Far This Week)

Cruisin’ the InterWebz, looking for something good and spicy to eat, I came across this bizarre unusual use for Sriracha: Fridge Pickles With a Kick. The main vegetableaceous component? Swiss Chard stems. That’s right. The part that I always throw away.

They look easy to make too. I bet you could do almost any vegetable […]