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Friday Follies: Time For Barbeque Wars

CNN.com recently announced the Quest for the Best Barbeque. They’re a little late off the mark here, that Quest started long before Ulysses found out his favorite ribs joint had been burned flat at Troy, took a wrong turn and ten years later found himself in Ithaca. I’ve been to that part of New […]

Pineapple Pork Chops

Our family loves pork, especially chops. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and flavor combos to make pork “interesting.” Okay, interesting isn’t the tiebreaker; they’ll eat chops almost any way you can fix them, and they have some old favorites that never lose their interest.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with having a couple hundred […]

Carolina Style Pork Butt: Sweet Tasty Heat

Barbeque has many regional contrasts, with some folks favoring sweet, others tomatoes and spice, still others prefering spicy or a bit sour. Carolina ‘que is known for smoky-sweet goodness, with some of that vinegar-sour I mentioned, and often quite a bit of spicy zing.

Pork is favored in the Carolinas, although the sauces and “mops” vary […]

A Blast of Vindaloo

I love Indian food. India is the spice-patch of the world, producing 86% of the spices consumed globally! That’s over 1.6 million metric tons of tasty goodness.

Indian food has a reputation here for heat. Hot curries, dishes containing dried and fresh chiles, and other zesty tongue-tinglers. It doesn’t have to be that way, of course, […]

The Pleasures of Mild Curry

Okay, this is a blog that celebrates chiles. However not everything has to be blazing hot! I’ve loaded four new curry recipes on the Recipes du Jour page:

Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)
Quick Lemon Curry Chicken
Thai Mussamun Curry
Burmese Ginger Curry Pork

Butter Chicken is not for those on low-fat diets. But since that only covers about two readers […]