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Heavenly Beef and Guinness Pie

Cool weather is here, and though it wasn’t a typical Texas scorcher this past summer, I’m ready for the comfort foods of autumn. (How hot was it last summer? I hear it made the Jehovah’s Witnesses take up telemarketing.) One of those foods is pot pie, and the pot pie’s close cousin, the pasty.

I recently […]

Florida, Day 3: Special Homemade Brunch, Late Lunch at Harvey’s and Supper at Emeril’s

Yes, it was a big day…

We slept in a bit, packed and skipped out on our bill at the Hilton checked out. That part was hard. Getting up in the first place, I mean. For some reason, Florida makes Texans tired. Must be a force field or something.

Anyway, we moseyed to the Sheppards where […]

Our Return Begins: Birr Castle, Tullamore and Dublin

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

We enjoyed one last, full Irish breakfast in the Maigue Restaurant this morning, then came the hard part: Saying goodbye to everybody. We’ve only been here a bit over a week, but somehow it feels like leaving family or something. Maybe that’s because the Dunraven […]

Mountain Passes and Racing Sheep: The Dingle Peninsula

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

We set out to conquer tour Dingle today, after stoking up on the usual breakfast goodies at the Maigue Restaurant. Dingle’s a pretty fair ride from Adare, but with good roads to Tralee we made great time at first. We took a short detour through […]

The Bones of Ireland: The Cliffs of Moher and the Burren

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

We breakfasted at the Maigue, our usual start. I tried tea this time, and it was great, but not my style. PJ seems to enjoy it, though. And toast. She has toast almost every morning here; maybe I’ve missed out on one of her favorites […]

The Long, Lovely Drive Across Southern Ireland

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

Father’s Day began early enough, with cleaning up, packing and preparing to travel again. I was extra-excited as today we would see Kilkenny, Cashel and finish in Adare, my all-time favorite Irish hamlet. (I wonder why they call it a hamlet? Not big enough to […]

Sneaking Around Dublin on the Bus

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

Yesterday’s long and satifying hours were followed by a short night of sleep in our castle. Paula Jo had big plans for us for our only full day in Dublin, so we had to get going early! Sadly, though, by the time we got dressed […]

Irish Pub Grub: Fried Cheese

Is there anything better than fried cheese? (That’s a rhetorical question, of course.) Okay, a few things. Here’s an obvious one: Made-from-scratch fried cheese. Much better than that drecklich, pour-the-cardboard-chips-from-the-bag pseudocheese you get at some chain eateries.

If the cheese is something first-class, like Camembert, then the dish is Even More Better.

Carrigbyrne Farmhouse Cheese Company […]