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Friday Follies: How to Jilt Your Fiancée This Halloween

One of the most embarrassing moments is life occurs when you decide to dump a lover. Especially if the romance has gotten all the way to the fiancée stage. (Second most embarrassing: Going to a party with your spouse and having her introduce you as her “first husband.” Take it from an expert, that […]

Friday Follies: Pumpkins Absolutely Smashing This Time of Year

Saturday near Snohomish, Washington, the air will be filled with the screams of flying pumpkins. (That’s because pumpkins aren’t really designed to fly well; nor do they land smoothly.)

That’s rights, kiddies, it’s time once again for the world-famous Pumpkin Hurl. Seven teams, from the US and Canada, will compete for massive prizes (and much more, […]