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Rain, Rain, Come & Play!

We’re getting a good rain event, yesterday afternoon and today. I’m hoping for an inch of precip, maybe more. I’m tired of watering already! I’m also hoping this is a sign that the predicted severe drought will stay away this spring. I’m not confident, mind you; simply wishing.

The lows the next two nights might be […]

It’s Raining in Texas…

And I didn’t even have to get nekkid and dance in the yard. (Good thing too; the neighborhood watch has me on the list after that last little misunderstanding, I think.) After the last several years, when we’ve been very dry at this time, it’s nice to actually be ahead of schedule for moisture for […]

To Paraphrase Dorothy: “Peppers and Maters and Cukes, Oh My!”

The garden’s going great guns here. The cherry tomatoes are over four foot tall now, with others just behind. I’d guess there are 50 pounds of tomatoes on the dozen plants. Even the heirloom Black Krim is setting fruit nicely. We’ve already harvested some yellow pears. The lonely tomatillo, Fatima, is doing much better, […]

Hermine's Gift of Rain a Bit Too Much in Some Places

Hurricane Hermine came ashore on the Mexican coast overnight, just south of Brownsville. Okay, maybe she was only a very strong Tropical Storm. She still packed a noticeable punch. Quite a bit of damage in extreme northeast Mexico. Then she turned her wrath on deep south Texas, traveling slowly to the north and raining […]

Get Ready for the Fourth of July!

Summer’s getting along, and it’s almost time to shoot off the fireworks! Only we’ve been so dry there’s a big fireworks ban on. No sparklers, no Roman Candles, no bottle rockets.

Instead, I’m going to cook up a bunch of spicy treats and zesty dishes and let the explosions and spectacular effects happen on the tongue.

Here’s […]