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Recipe du Jour: Slow Cooked Chicken Rice Soup

This entry is part of a series, RdJ»

Everybody “knows” chicken noodle soup is good for you, especially when a tough ol’ winter cold has you by the sinuses. Chicken rice is about as good, in our experience. With soups and stews being classic cold-weather comfort food, why not combine the two? Boost your […]

New Recipe du Jour: Spiced Pork Chops With Sweet-Sour Citrus Sauce

This entry is part of a series, RdJ»

A few days ago I wrote about some New Year’s Resolution options for all you foodie fans of the Chile Underground. (We’re still the only foodie site you visit, yes? YES??) One of those ideas was to try out a few new recipes each month.

It’s not […]