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How ‘Bout Asian Fish Tomorrow?

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2012»

The second issue of my new subscription to Bon Appétit Magazine arrived. (Thanks again, Deniz!) There’s a dish in there you simply must try if you love salmon: Wasabi Salmon with Bok Choy, Green Cabbage and Shiitakes. You can get the whole recipe from the link, […]

Fish 4 Friday: Salmon Croquettes That’ll Spice Up Your Life

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

What is a croquette, anyway? According to the standard of truth these days, a croquette is

… a small fried food roll containing usually as main ingredients mash potatoes, and/or minced meat (veal, beef, chicken, or turkey), shellfish, fish, vegetables, and soaked white bread, egg, onion, […]

Fish 4 Friday: Summery Salmon Salad With a Tingle on the Tongue

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

As promised, a Fish 4 Friday this week. (Yes, I might have misspoke mentioned something about doubling up this week. Well, life’s full of tough surprises.) With crab and shrimp mostly out of season by now, I’ll be talking more about plain ol’ fish than […]

Fish 4 Friday: Arabic Seasoned Salmon for a Christian Tradition

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

Arabic style food during Lent? I think it’s a nice change. Besides the fact that there are many Arabic Christians (some observing Lent), isnt the Holy Land holy to all the sons of Abraham?

As Lenten season continues, some are finding it hard to deal with. […]

Brain Food: Salmon and Tuna, Seafood That's Smart

This entry is part of a series, Brain Food»

Salmon and tuna are two popular fishy protein choices in America today. The omega-3 fats from these fish are well-known to promote a variety of health improvements to everything from the cardiovascular system to the skin. The brain may benefit the most, however.

Canned tuna and […]

Fish 4 Friday: Easy Salmon Rigatoni

There are lots of quick-to-make fish dishes, because fish itself cooks so quickly. Salmon is no exception! These days, salmon is very popular and relatively inexpensive, mainly due to aquaculture efforts. (That means fish farming, in case your link to Dictionary.com is busted.) I’m always on the lookout for new techniques for preparing fish, […]

Fish 4 Friday: Dill, Tomato and Wine Sauce

A quick post today; lots of stuff happening, and the trip to China is just around the corner!

Sometimes, even bold fish can come out, well, a bit bland. The way chefs solve this problem is to build a bold pan sauce and pour it over the dish. Here’s one such sauce that works great […]

F4F: An Appetizer and a Holiday Entrée

Crab legs are in season; indeed, the whole crab is available this time of year! So why not take advantage of that for a nice party appetizer? I know, most folks don’t associate Advent and Christmas with crab; or any seafood, for that matter.

But you’re different! So try King Crab and Three Sauces instead.

If you’re […]