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Friday Follies: Rise of Civilization Blamed on Beer

Present-day civilization has lots of wonderful stuff that we seldom think twice about. Like the cultivation of grain, for instance. Heck, it wasn’t until the last century that we could gather grains easily using farm machines! Until then, it all had to be gathered by hand, and that’s a time-consuming and back-breaking enterprise. There […]

I Got the Job! Now, to Really Cook…

Some of you may have been wondering where I got off to. The Chile Underground has been fairly quiet since the start of the year. Well, the secret can now be told! I was doing something I hadn’t done in many years: I was seeking gainful employment.

Yes, yours truly was out there looking to […]

Hottest. Soup. Ever.

As you regular visitors have figured out, I’m a fan of spicy stuff. I even eat candy that has chiles in it. So a recent post on MSNBC caught my eye. It promised me a peek at the hottest soup in the universe. I had a flash fantasy of puréed Habañeros or Jolokias in […]