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Friday Follies: Drink More Whisky and Save the Earth, or How Drinking and Driving Can Work Together to Save the Environment

A recent article in the Guardian piqued my interest, as it had to do with Scotch whisky. When I looked closer, I realized it had to do with chemistry, which really grabbed my attention! And since I know you’re all dying for more chemistry lessons, I decided to bring this report to your attention.

It’s […]

More Friday Follies V: Beer, Beer, Beer!

Norwalk, CA

A 74 year-old woman drove her 1988 Cadillac through the front of a convenience store recently. I guess that’s not much news. What she did next, however, is:

She staggered out of the wreckage, shouted “I’m here for beer!” and wobbled over to the cooler to grab a six of Budweiser. When she reached the […]