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Third Site’s a Charm: One Last Cantonese Feast

Wednesday’s a special day on this trip. We made our last site visit! We saved the “best” for last. At least the longest, anyways. We visited a factory in Guangzhou, which is nearly two hours from Shenzhen one-way.

My previous visit to Guangzhou involved the same factory, nearly three years ago. I have some interesting […]

Rainy Tropical China, and a Great Cantonese Feast

The sun comes up early in Shenzhen, and today it brought rain with it. In fact, a deluge. So much rain it had to get an early start, and the thunder and lightning preceded first light by about an hour. That left plenty of room for a second big storm to hit as dawn […]

Visiting Tropical China: Paradise is Where You Find It

Today I got an early start, preparing for the first supplier site visit of the trip. I met Stan at 0700 for breakfast and strategy. The breakfast buffet was outstanding; the strategic planning, not so much. Oh, we covered a nice variety of topics. Since this is a totally new effort, though, we’re not […]