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Epicure: More Than a Fancy Foodie Word, It’s Also a Great Gift Shop and Deli

Visiting Mom this week presented some nice opportunities to relax. Yesterday my best wife and I headed into downtown Boerne for a little look-see and maybe some shopping. The town’s clearly not the sleepy little village I grew up in; no, there’s all sorts of shops, attractions and activities nowadays.

One of Mom’s friends suggested we […]

Hope You Have a Safe and Enjoyable Labor Day

Not much happening here at the Chile Underground World Headquarters in Exile. (No, the house ain’t selling worth a dang.) We went food shopping in Lavernia, which is about the most exciting thing you can do in Lavernia on Labor Day. And we really needed that level of excitement, after the startup weeks at […]

No Time to Talk, Only One More Day Before Ireland

Sorry I can’t stay and chat, but we’re busy. (That’s a policy statement, don’t worry if there’s not much to actually see.) PJ had a shopping list that will, all by itself, fill at least two large checkable travel bags. And that’s just her stuff.

A little more than a week ago, PJ and I […]

Tis the Season: Shopping for the Clan Christmas Conclave

It’s ten days to Christmas Eve, and excitement in the Clan is growing. So is the realization that we’ve got to get our act together.

Not on gift shopping; that’s mostly done, for a wonder. No, it’s the food…

You see, there’s going to be anywhere from a dozen to twenty people out at the Ranch at […]

Friday Follies: Cold, Hot and Chilling

Haloween’s here, so it’s time for a quick survey of food-related stories that will make your blood run cold. At least the first one will…

Bradenton, Florida

A man was arrested attempting to steal shrimp from a supermarket. Joseph Young, age 32, was observed “with bulging pants” by detective Robert Stevenson who was shopping at a Sweebay […]

A Visit to Old-Town Hyderabad, Part II

On the way to Charminar we passed through some arches, as shown above. These are the same age as the monument itself, and used to denote the beginning of the open space around the memorial. Now that space is filled (and I do mean filled ) with the sights, sounds, aromas and crowds of the […]

A Visit to Old-Town Hyderabad, Part I

Saturday was shopping day. A friend offered to chaperone me into the Old Town section of Hyderabad and show me the sights. He dropped by my hotel about noon with his driver in tow, and we were off.

I had heard many things about the great Hyderabadi monument, Charminar. I asked if we could see that, […]