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Zesty Curry French Fries, and a Great Ketchup Interpretation

Ah, the tasty and popular fried potato; another great American invention. (Quibble if you must, but the other claims of origin are surely false, right?) They’re everywhere. Fast-food outlets; everyday restaurants; even up-scale steak places. Cruise the frozen food aisles at your grocer’s and you’ll find a bewildering assortment of options. All sorts of shapes […]

The New St. Valentine's Day Masacree (or How White's Rule Got Revised): LongHorn Steakhouse Review

White’s Rule (Original Version): Don’t eat at a new restaurant until the novelty wears off.

I had good reasons for that rule. Brand-new places seldom have their kitchen working optimally, their wait staff are learning how to work as a team, and more. So it’s hard to get a real read on the quality and […]

Pause While You're Having Fun and Remember...

Independence Day, 2010. Has a nice ring to it! Over 230 years of liberty, and (hopefully) many more to come. We don’t know what you have planned, but the Chile Underground isn’t doing a bit celebration this year. So much else going on in our lives that we’ll take a pause that refreshes. Oh, we […]

The Grand Christmas Feast at the Ranch

This post is coming up Very Late. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, opening gifts and playing games, watching movies and more. It was so late when we got started with the Clan’s traditional Stocking Orgy Presents Opening that breakfast had to be eaten in shifts, with some revelers asleep before […]

Tis the Season: Yuletide Beans

Beans are one of Nature’s great foods. They deliver wonderful nutrition, dry and store nicely, and are versatile ingredients in so many dishes.

Here in Texas, we like our pintos, as well as black beans, red beans, butter beans, navy beans and more. They’re comfort food, especially once the weather turns a mite nippy out.

While we’re […]

Tis the Season: Corn Side Dishes for the Feast

“Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn.” – Garrison Keillor

It’s been a little while since sweet field corn was available (for any reasonable price) at our grocery store. But not that long! I can still close my eyes and taste the buttery, crunchy goodness of fresh cob corn, steamed […]

Oh So Wrong: Joy of Cooking Frozen Foods?

The Detroit Free Press has just reported on something new you can foist off on your friends and family serve to your loved ones: The Joy of Cooking Frozen Foods!

You read that right. Frozen food you don’t have to cook, so you can experience the Joy of Cooking without even cracking open the book. Amazing!

The […]

660 Curries: Biryani Curries and Side Dishes

One more post reviewing some recipes from the recent cookbook “660 Curries” and then I’ll quit. I promise. Really. I won’t even make you pay the ransom to get me to stop.

Once upon a time, invading hordes (Greek, Persian, Moghul, Mongol, Hun, Arab, Turk) came from many directions, over several centuries, looking for a really […]