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Software Adjustments in Progress; Some Posts May be Delayed

Sometimes, website work is a pain. (Like my shoulder.) There are some fundamental flaws in my site that need addressing now, so I’ll be working on that stuff for the next little bit. One consequence, though, is that posts may be delayed in actually making it to the front-end. It’s not pretty, but it’s better […]

Chile Underground Reaches Major Milestone; Media in Awe…

This week the Chile Underground, your favorite place to read about zesty food, cooking adventures, occasional travel and unsurpassed levity, passed a major milestone. In fact, even if you’ve been following along at home you likely missed it. So I’ll point it out to you, just to be on the safe side:

We reached 1,000 […]

Sorry, No F4F Today; Working on Major Guest Post

No fish tales (or recipes) today; sorry! Working on a post for another website; I was invited to present on my “signature recipe.” I’ll have the link up for Undergrounders as soon as I know where the post is located.

If you simply have to have fish, check out some of these recipes. Or take your […]

Google+ is Here! The Underground Is In; Are You?

Sometimes the IT (Insignificant Technology) Elves here at the Underground are completely asleep at the switch and behind the times may overlook an option or two for driving the CU to world domination promoting our efforts to convert the whole world to zesty food. For instance, no matter what threats and prodding I use […]

Registration Required to Post Comments on the CU (For a Short While)

It’s with a heavy heart that the IT Elf here at the Underground has had to enable “registration required” for visitors to place a comment in the queue. The moderation staff has been overloaded recently with SPAM comments; recently there’s been about 600 such non-tasty comments (some of them aimed at vandalizing or hijacking the […]

Nine Hundred Down, a Bajillion to Go…

Today marks Yet Another Major Milestone in the life of the InterWebz. The Chile Underground has reached 900 posts! I know, I can’t believe it either. The Elves are going to get so drunk they’ll miss the rest of the week planning a major party. You’re all invited, of course. All you have to […]

Testing Live Writer Today; Wish Me Luck (or at Least Lunch) …

Okay, I’m finally dissatisfied enough with ScribeFire to try something else. After extensive reading and scratching my head, I’ve decided to give Live Writer another shot. I tried it once before, about three years back, and wasn’t satisfied with its integration nor with its interface then.

So far, though, this looks Much Better.

As always, if […]

Warning! Site Construction Ahead!

My old and trusty blog writing tool, Zoundry Raven, has given up the ghost. It fails in unpredictable ways and eats my posts as I draft them. I think making it keep track of several thousand posts over several blogs has made it Really Tired. It’s no longer supported, and the handoff to a community […]