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Spending the Ides in the Caribbean; It’s So Easy…

Okay, NOW it’s the Ides of March. If your name is Julius Caesar, I suggest you stay indoors, hide the knives and see no visitors. For the rest of us, we should avoid Caesar Salad; unless you see that as an appropriate celebration of the passing of the warrior-leader of ancient Rome. (Me, I don’t […]

Fish 4 Friday: Red Snapper Veracruz

Time to take a short break from the grill. (Well, sort of.) I noticed in the store the other day that red snapper was available at a good price, and that got me to thinking. PJ likes snapper, usually stuffed with something like crab. But putting the fish into a nice sauce is also […]

Fish 4 Friday: Intense Creole Fish Stew

Some Creole dishes are just plain hot. Think about it: “mild” and “habañero” just don’t get used in the same sentence. And as a community service (that means No Charge to You, this time), the basement elves from the Underground’s Department of Soft-Hearted Litigation Avoidance have asked me to warn you: This Stew Uses […]

Fish 4 Friday: Dill, Tomato and Wine Sauce

A quick post today; lots of stuff happening, and the trip to China is just around the corner!

Sometimes, even bold fish can come out, well, a bit bland. The way chefs solve this problem is to build a bold pan sauce and pour it over the dish. Here’s one such sauce that works great […]