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The Underground’s Comments are Back! (I Hope)

Recently the massive Information Technology Team here at the Chile Underground had to begin requiring commenters to be registered members of the site. That’s a tough requirement, and one I’m not in favor of as CEO of this burgeoning enterprise. (I like to think we’re friendlier than that; evidence notwithstanding.) So we’ve all been […]

Friday Follies: SPAM to the Rescue

Forging ahead into the teeth of the worsening economic situation, Hormel has launched an ad campaign that promises not only to help you with your food budget, but practically guarantees that mealtimes will be smiles all ’round.

Called “Break the Monotony,” Homel has so much faith in this new SPAM initiative that they’ve trademarked the […]

A Quick Note About Chile Underground Site Registration

It’s a sad day in Internetland, folks.

Due to a recent assault on the Chile Underground by SPAM comments and registrations, I’ve had to beef up my site protection. (Yes, I know; Spam isn’t made from beef. It’s not that kind of Spam.) I got 47 bogus posts in less than an hour yesterday, with ads […]