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Two Years and Counting: “Daddy, Are We There Yet?”

The most important and vital Underground on the Web (that deals with food and is headquartered in Texas) has reached Yet Another Milestone: Our second birthday! Time to celebrate!

Let’s face it, YAMs don’t come around that often, so we’re going to take full advantage of this one. Since it’s our second year anniversary, I have […]

So You Want to Be a (Food) Writer: Two Chances You Shouldn’t Miss

So you want to write about food? Well, have I got a deal for you!

Okay, you really didn’t need to bring up that bargain we talked about last time. I heard you, that bridge is now in Arizona; how was I to know? Just consider it a lesson well paid for. Anyways, you’re getting me […]

Happy Blogday, Chile Underground!

Light the Candles! Blow Up the Balloons!! Launch the Fireworks!!!

The Chile Underground has reached our First Year Milestone! Time to celebrate…

In an industry where most blogs have the staying power of a papier mâché billboard in a hurricane, we’ve hung in there. Through thick and thin, trials and tribulations, Internet outages and some […]